Breast Surgery

Is it still possible to breast feed after breast surgery?

The ability to breastfeed has become a growing concern for women who have had breast surgeries in the past. Since more and more single and childless women have been undergoing breast operations, the medical community has come together to address this problem once and for all. The different types of breast reconstruction, or breast injury for that matter, can affect a woman’s ability to produce milk. The main concern is not whether a foreign element is placed inside the breast. Only surgeries that damage or cut the milk duct and nerves will affect someone’s breast feeding abilities.

Before undergoing any type of breast surgery, make sure to consult the doctor who will be performing the operation. You may specifically ask your doctor to leave your milk ducts untouched or unaffected. However, there are some surgical procedures where doing this will be almost impossible.

Breast Feeding after Biopsy

Biopsy operations usually involve removal of a lump in the chest area. If you are in need of such procedure yet you plan to nurse in the future, you may ask your surgeon to remove as little breast tissue as possible and to spare the ducts from the incisions.

However, carrying this out will be highly unlikely for lumps that aren’t easily felt. Damaging a few milk ducts is necessary for cases like these.

Women who have undergone such operation usually cannot feed from the side in which they had the biopsy. Since the other side is left untouched, feeding the baby and meeting its needs for milk have to carried out from there.

Breast Feeding after Breast Reduction Surgery

A woman’s breast feeding ability after a breast reduction surgery highly depends on how much breast and glandular tissue was taken out, and on whether the milk ducts are still attached to their nipples. One type of breast reduction procedures involve cutting away the nipple and areola and moving them upward; while another simply leaves them attached to the original breast tissues, leaving the ducts intact.

The waiting period between the surgery and the feeding period is also a factor in the equation. The longer the wait is, the more successful you will be.

Tell your surgeon if you plan to breast feed after having your breast reduction. This way, he can leave the necessary glands intact and ensure that you are left with the necessary parts.

Breast Feeding after Breast Augmentation

Women who have had breast augmentation for enlargement are still capable of breast feeding, as well. However, there are cases in which women find that they have insufficient milk after getting implants.

Breast augmentation usually involves incisions beneath the breast, where most of the milk ducts are, which may be responsible for poor milk supply.

There has also been a rising concern about the dangers that silicone implants bring to breast-fed babies. While the implants themselves do not interfere with a woman’s ability to breast feed, silicone may be passed on through the milk if an implant ruptures.

With proper consultation and planning, encountering problems after breast surgeries may be avoided. Just make sure that you explain your plan to your surgeon and lay out the necessary fitness plan for recovery.

Slim look for big fat wedding

Arranged marriage system and importance of physical beauty in selecting prospective partners, has played a big role in growth of cosmetic surgery market. Indian wedding market would continue to be a big driver in growth of cosmetic surgery in India in 2010 also. Breast Implant surgery and liposuction will be most popular pre-marriage surgical procedures amongst girls while large male breast( Gynecomastia) reduction surgery/ liposuction will be more popular among boys. ‘Lip Pout’ with filler injections and Botox for excessive sweating in underarms will be popular in non surgical cosmetic procedures among girls during preparations for marriage.

More women are choosing Cosmetic Surgery to try to look their best on their wedding days, according to Dr. Pritam, Senior Cosmetic Laser Surgeon, New Look Cosmetic Skin Laser Center. Only recently has it gotten to be almost like part of the wedding package. This is probably the day when you’re photographed more than any other in your whole life. Brides want their wedding photos to be flawless. Dr. Pritam said the most common pre-wedding work includes liposuction, breast augmentation, Rhinoplasty and facial procedures.

A NEW reality show featuring soon-to-be married women competing for the plastic surgery procedures of their dreams will premiere on US television in November. Former Playboy model Shanna Moakler will host the 10-episode series. In “Bridalplasty,” 12 engaged women will live in a mansion and compete in “wedding-themed” challenges to win the ultimate prize of a cosmetic surgery makeover, reported E! Yesterday. Winning bride will reveal her post-op body to her groom at the altar – in the series finale.

Planning surgery at least 3 -6 months before the wedding to allow plenty of time for scheduling and healing and be sure to pick a board-certified Cosmetic surgeon.

With an increasing number of minimally invasive treatments available, noninvasive, many procedures no longer require hospitalization. Cosmetic surgery in general, is much safer and more convenient. Cosmetic procedures require less time, and the payback period is also reduced considerably.

Due to the fact that cosmetic surgery centers are a luxury convenient alternative to traditional hospital surgery, cosmetic surgery now attracts people from all walks of life.

The Top treatments which Brides to be come up with:-

  • Fraxel – a laser skin resurfacing treatment that reduces wrinkles, removes age spots and can help rejuvenate the face
  • Botox – removes or reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tooth Whitening – standard beauty treatments that enhance the smile
  • Microdermabrasion – a skin resurfacing facial treatment that can give skin that ‘inner glow’ and also reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hair Reduction – removes body hair

Most cosmetic surgical procedures are inherently safe. But problems can arise when multiple procedures are done. Overall, the safety of cosmetic surgery has not changed over the last number of years. What has changed, however, is the public’s awareness of potential risks in cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgical procedures are invasive and can demand a lot from the patient. They should not be taken lightly, and full medical disclosure to your physician is necessary.

There are some common insecurities or questions our clients come up with. Following are the questions patient generally inquires about:-

  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure? Why or why not?
  • Are there treatments other than surgery that might work just as well or better for me?
  • How many times have you done this procedure? What were the results?
  • Can you share photos or diagrams to help me understand the procedure and the expected results?
  • Can the desired effect be accomplished in one procedure, or do you anticipate multiple procedures?
  • What are the specific surgical options? What are the pros and cons for each?
  • What type of anesthetic will be used? How will it affect me?
  • Will I be hospitalized? If so, for how long?
  • What are the possible complications?
  • How will my progress be monitored after surgery? What follow-up care will I receive?
  • How much will the procedure cost?
  • How often is “touch-up” surgery needed? Is it covered in the cost estimate?

We do provide councelling by our experts and General Councellors on the first go. After examining the overall condition treatments are advised to them accordingly.

Mr. Parichay Upadhyay, President, New Look informs, 20% of our customers out of 100 in this season are to be brides. There is an absolute increase in the trend, not only females but number of to be grooms are also rising up.

The common procedures which are mentioned above include Facial rejuvenation, Tan Removal, Mole Removal, hair reduction and these procedures cost from Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 15000/- depending on the area to be treated. New Look Cosmetic laser clinic has come with the exciting discounts of upto 65% on all skin rejuvenation treatments for this festive season.