Go for Mole Removal treatment to discover the beautiful you

Everyone knows how important the existence of sun is, but it is similarly important to know that how harmful the ultraviolet rays, coming from sun are. These rays are not only harmful for our nature, but also for our skin. 
One of the most harmful damage caused by the sun to our skin is MOLE Formation. It is the common disorder which could be seen in people. It occurs when the cells are getting spread throughout but grows in form of Cluster. Such Cluster is called Melanocytes, with the help of which pigments are formed that gives the natural color to skin. When our skin is exposed for a longer period to sun, during teenage and pregnancy time, these moles get darkened.
There are two major types of moles: Congenital nevi and Dysplastic nevi.
The former one is present by birth which can get developed into melanoma that can cause cancer in future while; the later one is generally larger with uneven shape. Mostly, the moles are harmless, and don’t requires any kind of treatment. But, in cases where it poses the risk of cancer, it has to be removed. Here are some of the treatments which would remove the mole and reinvent the beautiful you.
1. Cutting: In this method, mole is cut out along with tiny area of the skin that surrounds the mole, with the help of surgical scissor or scalpel. In some cases, moles have their cells grown below the top layer of skin. This method even includes stitches to close the skin, which give a small scar that gets faded with time.
2. Freezing: Moles, which do not cause cancer and are not grown to the deeper layer of the skin, can be frozen off with the help of liquid nitrogen. This is most simple procedure that only leaves a small blister.
4. Laser Removal: Another method to remove the moles which do not cause cancer and are not grown above the surface of the skin can be removed by laser treatment. In this method, intense burst of light radiation is used to kill the mole cells in the skin.
We, here, at Newlook Laser Clinic frequently come across the customers, who have the demand to reduce or undo the effects of these rays. Thus, today we are here to tell you about the damages our skin go through during the battle with UV rays as well as tell some correct steps to protect your skin.  But it is recommended to first visit the doctor and get known if the mole is cancerous or non cancerous. Some of the preventive steps are to wear sun protections like hat, SPF, protective cloth, etc. as well as ensure monthly checkup. These all would help you to look beautiful naturally. 

Your Guide to Removing Moles from The Skin

Melanocyticnaeviare also known as moles in the medical field. They are black or dark brown in color and can appear in small clusters or alone. From one individual to another, their texture is different. For some people, they are smooth while for others they are coarse when touched. For other people, hair grows inside while for others they do not.
How do Moles Develop on the Skin?
Moles grows when melanocytes, which is a kind of skin cell grows in clusters, instead of being distributed uniformly throughout the skin. This is the main reason why they are darker than the surrounding area. Hormonal changes are responsible for triggering them. These include
  • Pregnancy: This comes with different kind of changes in the body of a woman. However, pregnancy does not bring more moles, but moles present have the tendency of becoming darker in color.
  • Teenage: There are hormonal changes the moment a person comes of age. This tends to make the moles occur.
  • Sunlight: An exposure to sunlight can also trigger the development of moles as well. The moles that are caused by exposure to sunlight can turn to skin cancer or melanoma.
Types of Moles
Moles are of different type, but the most common types include:
·         Dermal melanocytic naevi: They normally swell from the skin and have the tendency of having a pale hue.
·         Junctional melanocytic naevi: These lies flat over the skin and are usually black or deep brown in color.
·         Compound melanocytic naevi: These bulge from the skin and may have hair in them.
The uncommon types of moles include Halo naevi, blue naevei, and atypical naevi. 
Mole Removal
For patients who have developed melanoma, the removal of moles is essential. For patients with cancerous moles, there is only one option that will be effective in removing it – surgical procedure. Apart from this, people who prefer to remove moles because of cosmetic reasons can use natural, surgical or laser mole removal.
Surgery procedure of removing mole
There are basically three methods of removing mole through a surgical procedure. They are punch biopsy, shave excision and excisional surgery.
  • The punch biopsy procedure involves the use of a special device in punching out some piece of the skin. It is used mostly for smaller skin moles.
  • The excisional surgery method is used for malignant or flat skin moles.
  • The shave excision is used in situations where the moles are above the skin. The shave excision procedure involves the doctor applying some local painkiller to the nearby area of the mole. After this, small, sharp scalpel is used to shave the mole down to its surface.
Laser Mole Removal
This is the best option for moles that are black or brown in color and flat. The entire removal of the mole requires you to visit a dermatologist’s office or a physician at most thrice. A local anesthetic is applied to the skin area and a laser is used to take off the mole tissue. For larger moles, it is not advisable to use this procedure.Newlook Laser Clinic is your one-stop place to treat your moles through the use of a laser. They have experienced dermatologist to attend to your needs irrespective of the type of mole on the skin. Just to ensure that you get the best, they offer free booking consultation. Many of their clients can testify to the effectiveness of this laser procedure performed by their team of expertise.
Now you know where to go for your mole treatment, irrespective of the treatment method you choose (natural, surgical or laser mole removal), a dermatologist that is well qualified before treatment should examine you. A full body skin examination should be carried out like the procedure at the New Look Laser Clinic. For more details about the removal of moles, why not consult our dermatologist.