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Facial Chemical Peel Treatment

Replenish Youthful Looking Skin

The way your face looks tells a lot about who you are, therefore the way your face appears deserves all the attention you can give it. Most skin disorders affect the facial region of the body, things like wrinkles, age spots, acne, scars, sagging skin, sun damage and others. At the New Look Clinic, we want to restore the beauty of your face through our skin care treatments. One of the ways we can do that is through Facial Chemical Peel treatment.


This simply implies the use of chemicals to treat facial skin disorders. It involves the use of chemicals such as organic acids to wipe out the upper layer of damaged skin of the face so as to give the face a new look. The word peel means that there will be replacement of the old skin layer with a new one after the treatment. Some of the chemicals that we can use includes: lactic acid, phenol, trichloroacetic acid, glycolic acid and others. The acid when used in controlled way has the ability to penetrate the skin layer to cause the skin to undergo a renewal by peeling off the old top layer.


We have three types of facial chemical treatment which we can apply, the degree of the damage the skin has suffered is a major determining factor on which type of this treatment to apply. The three types are as follows:

1) Light/superficial or lunchtime peel: This is use of a mild acid to treat minor facial skin damage like discoloration of the face. Here we can use acids like Alpha-hydroxy acid to treat the face. The kind of peel that will result will not go too deep into the skin just removes the outer layer.

2) Medium peel: This will involve the use of acids with greater penetration power. We use glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid to carefully penetrate the second layer of the skin. This is usually for more permanent damages to the face such as age spots, shallow scars, etc.

3) Deep peel: This one allows us to penetrate deeper into your skin by use of chemicals such as phenol, trichloroacetic acid, and others to remove serious damages to the skin.


The peel is carried out by first cleaning the face thoroughly. Then, the acid in use is applied little by little to your face. This may result in skin irritation and light pain which can be managed for them to subside immediately. The face ears away to take a new look in few days. In the end, new skin replaces the damaged skin on the face before the treatment.


Yes, there may be some side effects associated with this form of treatment because it can create wound on the foreskin, can cause swelling of the skin, and may lead to some skin infection. At New Look Clinic we have in place experts who good in making sure we avoid and prevent these from occurring.

At Newlook your new look matters to us and we offer you the affordable treatment.