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Laser Treatment for Vitiligo - Vitiligo affects one or two of every 100 people


Vitiligo is a disease in which patients have a complete loss of pigment in localized areas of the skin. These areas, often around the mouth and eyes, become completely white. As a result, vitiligo can be cosmetically disfiguring, especially for dark skinned people. In addition, the depigmented skin is sun sensitive, and therefore, subject to sunburns and skin cancer.

Vitiligo is a process where the human body inhibits the pigment producing process of the skinˆs pigment cells. A series of excimer laser treatment can often lead to dramatic re-pigmentation of the skin. Pigment can also be lost in the skin after a variety of surgical procedures and traumatic accidents. Examples include the white scars after facelifts and aggressive facial laser procedures such as carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. A variety of burns and other traumatic accidents may also lead to hypopigmented scars.


In a recent study, vitiligo patients, most of whom had failed conventional therapies, were treated with the excimer laser three times a week. Fifty-seven percent of the vitiligo patches treated in the study experienced partial to complete repigmentation in only two weeks.

The Xtrac excimer laser represents one of the newest great advances in laser dermatology. This laser emits narrow band ultraviolet B light and has been shown to promote re-pigmentation in those who have lost pigment in their skin.

Not only does the excimer laser deliver UVB light which stimulates the pigment producing cells, this laser’s deep penetration enables the light to reach any surviving pigment producing cells in the vitiliginous area.

Vitiligo Treatment is undertaken in a series of laser sessions. Improvement is the general rule. Occasional touch-up booster sessions may be required. Vitiligo Treatment is absolutely painless.

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