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Robotic Hair Transplant Treatment

When Artificial Intelligence takes care of your hair by Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplantation is one of the greatest innovations in the history of hair transplantation. The Robotic hair transplant achieves amazing results with speed and precision by outstanding brilliant methodology. The process comprises of image based operating system to graft the hair on to the scalp. A general hair transplantation process take hours to remove the grafted hair and then plant the new hair but by the Robotic hair transplantation method the hair is removed and grafted at a very fast pace. The New Look Laser clinic provides the robotic hair transplant at very reasonable and affordable rates.

The step by step procedure of robotic hair transplant

The Robotic Procedure is the least time consuming method for hair grafting. Have a look at the procedure.

  • The original or existing hair on the scalp is first removed by using the robotic hand system that utilizes the digital imaging and robotic concepts.
  • After the removal of hair the new donor hair are carefully grafted on your scalp by the expert hair specialists. The process must be done by a trained doctor for getting the required results.
  • The process results in no stitching, no bandaging and quick recovery time. You will be up and about within an hour of the surgery.
  • The robotic hair transplant is a scar less hair grafting method with no surgical removal of tissues. The overall result is better than the expected.

Some Important features of Robotic Hair Transplantation method

Affordability of the Robotic Hair Transplant:

The entire treatment cost is variable depending on the length and volume of the hair you desire. Generally the pricing is done on the basis of per hair grafted. The rates can be easily fixed while consultation with your doctor.

Is the process painful?

The process is comparatively painless when compared to other hair transplantation. In the robotic hair transplantation a local anesthesia is injected. You will be fully aware of your surroundings while the grating process is going on.


The people who opt for this hair transplant method swear by its procedure efficiency and natural looking result. Now you can carry yourself with confidence and try different hair styles of your choice.

Individual grafting:

The Robotic hair transplant goes for individual hair grafting in which the hair are transplanted in the batches of one to four strands just like the natural hair will grow on your scalp.

Permanence of the result:

It’s a onetime process where your implants will stay intact lifelong. As the doctor uses your own hair from the back of your head just by your neck the chances of thinning back is less.

Your real hair will grow back:

The hair will grow back in batches and after regular time periods consistently. You can expect new growth to occur after three months of the completion of the process. To see the results one should wait for a minimal period of one year.

No one can make out that you have got hair transplant done:

Your hair will look better than the natural within a year of transplant is completed. In this process there are no visible scars and no bandaging done.

Donor Safety:

Same can be said about the donor for hair. The donor will be unscarred and unhurt by the end of the donating process. Besides the reduction in length and volume no one can make out that the donor went for any such thing.

The Robotic hair Transplant is your ultimate hair solution to all your hair loss problems. You can try it without any worries at the Newlook laser Clinic in Delhi.