Laser Acne Treatment

It involves dye assisted targeting of the sebaceous glands on the facial or trunkal skin to provide a permanent solution for acne. Most of the acne solutions currently available only provide a symptomatic cure for acne. However, laser acne treatment goes to the root of the problem & gives a very effective cure for the problem of acne.

Acne is caused when the passage of oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands gets blocked. For effective acne treatments, it is important to reduce the amount of oily substances produced and also important to enlarge the passages by which these oily substances get removed to the skin surface.

Laser Acne Treatments involves the use of a special FDA approved photosensitizing dye, which penetrates into the sebaeous glands and the passages that lead from the sebaceous glands to the skin. Laser application, using a specially matched laser, then causes local heating of the dye, which in turn causes a shrinking of the sebaceous glands & enlargement of the passages. Both the effects contribute to a wonderful cure for acne, visible within days.

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