Most persons are confused when it comes to Rosacea, and do not know the difference between Rosacea and Acne. There is a major difference. We get eruptions called pimples with acne but with Rosacea, there is a huge difference.



Acne occurs in the skin, usually by oil glands in the skin. Your pores in your skin are connected with the oil glands just below your skin. Sebum is the oily substance created by the oil glands beneath your skin. Follicles are small cavities or sac that secretes oil. The pores are connected to these sac (glands) through a channel known as a follicle. Inside of the (gland) follicles oil transports dead cells of the skin to the exterior of the skin. When the follicle is clogged, we get pimples growing. Acne can be present on varying parts of the body- mostly on the back, arm, chest, and the nape as well.


Rosacea typically commences during adulthood, and this skin disorder usually attacks the face region- (cheeks, forehead, nose and chin). The appearance of Rosacea can be seen by the face becoming bumpy, oily and reddened. If you look closely, little red blood vessels become very visible and in critical cases may affect your eyesight. The nose in significant cases may be blistered, rosy and red a condition known as rhinophyma, which is the third phase of Rosacea. Alcohol use is said to be one cause for rhinophyma, but the disorder occurs in persons who do not consume alcohol as well. Although research is still being conducted and the root cause is still unknown. A factor sited to be associated with Rosacea is abnormal bold vessels. Another triggering factor includes age and gender. Rhinophyma risk is seen in men more often than in women. Rosacea is typically diagnosed between the ages of 24-50.

At Newlook, we treat Rosacea with our state of art laser technology. We make you regain your healthy skin texture while conventional medications can be applied to control the root cause of the ailment.


We make use of our laser technology to make the outward imparts of the ailment to disappear and vanish. Your skin, the treatment takes a little time to begin to affect as we have to administer the medication carefully. Gradually the signs of Rosacea begin to go away. The procedure is quite safe, but the eye needs to be protected from the flash of the light while treating with the laser. We advise and prescribe the use of eye goggles before the treatment starts.

The treatment causes only minor irritation to the skin, swelling and reddening of the skin, but not to worry as they are just temporal and disappears within a short time.

We give you the excellent care that your skin needs and can get when it comes to treating Rosacea signs and symptoms.

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