Freckles are circular, small spots that appear on the skin, mostly the face. These spots are usually darker than one`s complexion. Freckles usually happen when there are clusters of concentrated myelinated cells. It is common among people with lighter skin. Freckles mostly affect the face, and this can be quite an esteem breaker. Freckle Removal technique would be a welcome idea to anyone experiencing this condition and is free from any side effect, and that is the part about it.

At New Look Laser Clinic, our aim is making quality care accessible and affordable for people. We also want to make sure that everybody can visit our clinic regularly. Suppose there is one who cannot afford and access personal care then it matters to us although they are not our friend and family. We truly believe we’re the group of families who make up the larger family.


Just like with acne, Freckle Removal by laser technique involves getting deeper into the skin. On freckles, dermatologists target the melanin. During the procedure, patients thoroughly clean their face, after which a cooling gel applied to them. It is through this gel that the laser light is applied, bit by bit on the affected areas to ensure success. Post-treatment laser cream and sunblock is applied after this as the skin is usually susceptible.

The the procedure is a very sensitive one, but it takes a short time, usually less than an hour. Since this procedure is concise, you can be up and running in quick time, without any problems.

Patients must be advised that freckles may not disappear completely after one set of treatment. For better results around four sets of treatments are recommended.


Like with every other procedure, care needs to be taken after Freckle Removal treatment. Patients are advised to avoid sun exposure and to make good use of recommended sunscreen when out. Its also recommended that gentle skin products used after treatment. Use of gentle antioxidants would also be a perfect idea.


Laser techniques are completely safe procedures. There are however common side effects that are likely to be experienced. These are short term and patients should seek medical help should it turn otherwise. They include:

  • Swelling and itching: It is common after most laser treatments, especially to the skin. It is due to the apparent reason that skin tissues are quite sensitive, and laser treatment involves heating. This symptom clears within a couple of days.
  • Sensitive skin: The heating during the procedure may make the skin more sensitive. Exposure to the sun also increases this sensitivity. Patients are advised to avoid sun exposure, especially in the few days post-treatment.
  • Infection: It is not as common, mainly if the procedure carried out hygienically and carefully. It is, however prudent that antibiotic creams prescribed for the sake of safety.
  • Recurrence: It is prevalent for most patients. Dermatologists recommend more than one laser treatment. Recurrence is also made possible by the fact that freckles are skin deep. Some are also genetic and completely getting them off the system may not be possible. Many freckles victims may need frequent treatments over the years.

It is important to note that skin tissues are sensitive and that some freckles may also be warning signs of more serious complications. For this reason patients are advised to see a dermatologist before making the decision of Freckle Removal.