Under Eye Dark circles have been a problem for ages now. When everything looks perfect on the face with a lot of glow and beauty to enjoy and celebrate, there can be only one reason not to. Yes, there they are – the dark circles peeping out from that otherwise all-perfect face. If the dark circles came up only due to a few sleepless nights or let’s say a fair amount of stress, it would still be possible to hide them using makeup. The problem is with the ones that are dark, deep, and have stubbornly stayed with us for the majority of our lives. These are not only difficult to hide but getting rid of them too is nearly impossible. Not to worry though as there are solutions, we have long perfected. We at Newlook have experienced a lot of seemingly impossible cases which our solutions cleared out in no time and made the people so affected fabulous-looking again. It’s time to take a look at our excellent solutions for forever eliminating your dark circles.

What Causes Dark Circles

It would be unfair to jump to any solutions before we have understood what causes these dark circles in the first place. Several reasons result in dark circles. To start with, heredity is one of the possible reasons for dark circles to occur; you could have inherited it from generations, and it came in our lives to stay. Other possible causes include sleep deprivation, allergies, eczema, stress, and even oversleeping. Minor trauma conditions are also known to result in dark circles. However, under-eye dark circles that have not been there due to hereditary reasons. Any of the other purposes mentioned above can be a result of an imbalanced lifestyle. Other possible causes include skin pigmentation, age, fluid retention, a diet with high salt content, mononucleosis, and periorbital cellulitis. Experts say that even that exposure to the sun for a long time can also result in dark circles.

Some of the major causes for black circles under eyes include.

  • Lack of sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Sun damage
  • Adverse lifestyle habits and excessive alcohol intake
  • Natural ageing

Best Treatments for Dark Circle in Delhi

Well, so however long they have been troubling you in your lives, there indeed are ways to make them again. Let’s talk about them individually now.

Q switched laser: The Q switched laser is one of the latest technologies used in the treatment of under-eye dark circles. During treatment, it aims to break down the pigments to give smoother and fairer looking skin. A regular session of three to four sittings should give you the desired results and help you get rid of those dark circles.

Cosmelan or yellow peel: Cosmelan peel is a mask that is used to exfoliate the upper dead layer of your skin as well as the deep pigmented layers of the skin. The entire procedure comes in two kits. The first kit is applied by the doctor who has to stay for around nine hours and is then washed off. The patient at home can apply the second. In a period of five to six days, you should be able to see the old skin peel off and new skin is generated under your eyes.

Facial Fat fillers: Hyaluronic facial fillers is another commonly recommended solution to get rid of dark circles. The results, although when done with hyaluronic acid, are temporary. The results can be made permanent only by using the person’s fat.

Fat injections: In this technique, the person’s fat is injected to resolve the dark circles; these results are much more persistent as compared to the hyaluronic acid fillers.

Skin creams: Although this solution is known to give long-term results, the known creams for dark circles can help you reduce the effect and undo the damage to a large extent.

So Many solutions give rise to more confusion, and as a result, one has a lot of questions. We at the Newlook Laser Skin Clinic here understand those rising doubts in your head. Well, why don’t you pay a visit! Let us help you with all our expertise and dedication we have at our disposal here. We might not only provide you an answer to all those problems but also give you the results you have wanted for so long now. It’s time to say goodbye to those frustratingly stubborn dark circles.

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