One of the most common infections in the world is caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV), commonly known as wart virus. It is a microscopic virus particle that infects the skin.

The warts appear as single bumps or in clusters some having a cauliflower structure. There are many strains or types of the HPV (wart) virus. Some warts grow on the body such as a Flat Wart. Others grow on the hands, the Plantar Wart ( or planter wart ) grows under the feet. The warts virus is also found in the genital area including in and around the anus, vagina, and on the penis..

Certain wart types and in particular, type 16 and 33 (genital strain) are associated with more serious changes in the skin that may lead to cancer. Studies have shown a close link between these types of HPV and cancer of the cervix.


  • Common warts:
  • Flat warts:
  • Plantar warts:
  • Genital warts:
  • Filiform warts:


CO2 Laser and Pulse Dye Laser treatment can be used to remove skin warts and skin tags anywhere on the body, including venereal warts. Other methods of treatment (freezing, burning, acid) can be very painful and ineffective. Laser treatment with the Pulsed Dye Laser eliminates the blood supply to the wart without creating a wound. The wart just dries up Skin tags or polyps, and other wart-like skin growths are also treated by laser. Scarring is minimal.

Results of laser treatment on skin lesions can be quite dramatic. Most people experience an improvement in their vascular or pigmented lesions. Any immediate changes to skin coloration or texture should return to normal within a short time after treatment. However, as in any surgical procedure, there remains a possibility that only minor changes will occur and occasionally there are some cases which do not respond. There are many benefits from laser surgery including minor or no pain, no needles in most cases and lesions don’t return or regenerate.

Warts Treatment with the laser is a breeze. Laser treatment does not cause the discomfort often associated with freezing, cutting and acid removal of warts. Erbium Yag Laser removes the wort layer by layer. Laser treatment is safe for adults and children. Most warts are removed after treatment. Approximately 20% of warts will need a second treatment, and 10% will need a third treatment.

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