Pulsed Dye Laser, also known as PDL is a laser beam machine by Nlite which specifically targets and destroys the blood vessels that cause various skin abnormalities. Treatment done with PDL is completely safe since the laser uses only yellow light. Yellow light is the safest form of lasers and any damage it might cause can be effectively rectified within a few days. The treatment takes not more than a few minutes to complete and is 100% efficient and effective in most cases. PDL is usually advised for the treatment of acne, scarring, wrinkles and for skin rejuvenation. The part of the treatment is that in addition to being totally safe, it is also painless and gives long-lasting results.


Pulsed Dye Laser by Nlite is a very easy and painless procedure that is fast and effective. A patient need only about one to three sessions to complete most of the necessary treatment. The technique does not require any creams or pills, nor is the patient’s skin abraded. First, a cold spray is produced by the machine that is quite helpful in numbing the skin without the use of anesthesia. When the skin loses its ability to feel pain, a laser beam is then aimed at the places with the most blood vessels. The light in the laser beam gets converted into heat and the blood vessels are destroyed. The laser is aimed at the skin from a set distance that is enough to penetrate the blood vessels, without however causing harm to the surrounding areas.In the cases of skin issues like hemangiomas, wine stains, and rosacea, there is need for more treatments that might run to 2 to 3 sessions. However, once the Pulsed Dye Laser treatment is completed, the patient invariably experiences long-lasting results.


The Pulsed Dye Laser treatment has many advantages. Here are a few things that make it superior to any other laser treatment:

Minimum Side-effects- The first thing people are usually scared of when contemplating laser treatment is the potential side effects. The Pulse Dye Laser does have some minimum and short-term side effects like bruising. This is the most common side-effect and usually fades away on its own within three to ten days. Another side effect might be some temporary pigmentary changes. This usually happens in the case of people with darker skin tones. So, it is advisable to use sun block for about a month before the session.

Painless- The procedure is totally painless and does not require any abrasion of the skin to work. Also, anesthesia is not used. In stead, a cold spray is applied on the skin to make it numb and the person therefore does not feel anything throughout the treatment.

Effectiveness- The major advantage of this treatment is that the results are quick and long-lasting. In fact, there are only a few cases in which the person re-develops the same issues. Usually, after the completion of the treatment, the person does not face any more problems for a lifetime.


After the procedure is complete a few things have to be kept in mind in order not to trigger the problematic skin conditions again. You need to:

Protect yourself from the sun- Whatever area has undergone laser treatment needs to be kept covered up for a few days while you are in direct sunlight. This is due to the fact that sunlight might re-trigger the pigmentation of your skin and reduce the chances of its recovery.

Apply Ointment- To protect and soothe the skin, vaseline jelly or Aquaphor Ointment is applied two to three times daily each time that the area which has undergone the Pulse Dye Laser treatment has been washed.

Makeup- If the treatment has been done on the face, applying makeup should be avoided for at least the following two days. After two days you can re-start using makeup. Still, it’s always important that you make sure your makeup has no chemicals in it that might damage your skin.

Crusts and Bruises- In some cases, after the treatment crusts and bruises may form on the skin. These should not be picked and scratched. Left on their own the bruises heal and fade within 3 to 10 days.