Chicken pox is a childhood disease, some persons believes it a rite of passage for the 13 -15 years old teens. The disease leaves your skin scarred and it’s also a painful and traumatic experience. There are a lot of DIY and honey based treatments one can use. The truth is…the scars never go away, they only become lighter and in some cases, it darkens.


The Varicella virus causes chicken pox, it is very contagious and it manifest in the form of a rash and spreads on the face. Chicken pox starts of as small red bumps on the skin which progresses into an irregular shape spreading all over the face region.

The Scars That Chicken Pox Leaves…

Most of the time chicken pox scarring heals up within a short time, but the ‘pox’ itches profusely and can be extremely irritating. A thin clear tip fill with fluid is formed at the top of the bumps when scratched.

Within 7 days the crust falls off leaving a scar.

Persons get itch when they are infected with chicken pox, the desire to itch the spots are tempting and by itching the crusts are removed- this what triggers the scarring. For some, the scars diminish over time. For others New Look Laser Clinic is at your service- helping you through laser skin resurfacing to achieve radiant skin. Chicken pox damages and disfigures the skin. The itching creates marks that impacts negatively on self- esteem and confidence.

Laser treatments works well for skin blemishes on the legs, face, arms and practically all parts of your body. New Look Laser Clinic has an investment in improving the flawless appearance of the skin through the removal of dark spots. New Look Laser Clinic skin resurfacing techniques extends simple solutions for persons who have been afflicted from chicken pox spots from their childhood.


This procedure is performed by a specialist using C02- this is a carbon dioxide high energy pulse laser. This technique ensures that the damaged outer layered skin is removed through applying energy quickly and intensely by controlled laser beams. The undesirable outer layered tissue is removed revealing beautiful spotless radiant skin. This procedure works two-fold, scars are removed and the laser excites the dermal collagen causing skin to tighten. The bonus- scars visibility is reduced drastically.

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