It is not a strange occurrence to see a person with discolored teeth. At least every one has encountered a person with discolored teeth at some point. We can change that in you.

For such people, white teeth may seem like a dream. We at New Look Laser Clinic however provides a reason to smile again with a solution called Teeth Whitening. We Offer quality service in quick time to get your teeth back to shining white.

In the recent past, many have turned to this procedure with us. Among the various Teeth Whitening methods, use of whitening gel together with laser technology is a preferred technique. This is probably due to the fast and almost guaranteed results achieved. In this technique, the laser is used to activate the whitening gel, which on its own may take longer to heal, or never at all. We have all the latest equipment to get you going. We have qualified professionals to do the job. You can be sure you are in the right hands when you come to us. Our prices are the affordable in the business. With the super service we offer, with qualified professionals.


During the use of teeth whitening using laser technology, the bleaching gel is applied to the teeth, after which laser light is used to penetrate the teeth enamel and activate Teeth Whitening. We take all the care to make you look good with shining teeth.

Use of this procedure can usually give teeth 7 to 8 shades lighter. The results may last for a couple of years. The prices are also not very high and the prices are also affordable for one and all.

Usually, for some people, there may be need to repeat the procedure often, could be every other year, depending on how bad the teeth situation is. We based on your current teeth condition and provide you with quality solutions. Once you come to use you will be very happy and you will surely come back with your friends and family.


Teeth Whitening should not be an excuse for poor dental hygiene and care. It is recommended that patients keenly follow the below mentioned tips to avoid recurrence:

  • Brushing of teeth immediately after taking tooth staining meals like wine, coke, coffee and tea is advisable.
  • Smoking should be completely discontinued after Teeth Whitening. Smoking is highly rated when it comes to tooth discoloration causes.
  • Good oral hygiene should be observed. This includes use of the right tooth brush and constant replacement at least every two months.
  • The use of bleaching trays would help in doing touch ups once in a while.