Skin Tightening Treatment


Laser technology has revolutionized the world of aesthetics. It has uses that span the whole range of skincare and beauty treatment, one of which is in the area of skin tightening. Laser Skin tightening means making the skin firmer to bring out its beauty, texture, and feel, making you look younger and more wonderful. Skin tightening is necessary for you as you begin to age, and your skin begins to change its look. You need it, everyone does, and at Newlook Laser Clinic, leading Hair & Skin Care Clinic in Delhi. It takes to give you a new look through skin tightening. We have the latest technology to do that, including the use of ND: Yag q switch technology.

This has proved to be a safe and beneficial means of getting a firmer skin, and a youthful appearance that will be the envy of your admirers. One of the things that you get by undertaking this venture with us is a new brand you.

Let we see some of the benefits that we offer through skin tightening below.


There are so many benefits offered by laser skin tightening, this includes:

  • Surgery not involved
  • Use of Injection not needed
  • Can be applicable to both men and women
  • Less stressful and pain free
  • Brings out your looks making you look younger
  • No downtime
  • Instant skin tightening and firmness


A handheld laser device is used to apply the laser light on areas of the skin that require treatments. It is usually done repeatedly like three or more times to achieve the required result. You may have to undergo some preparation such as removal of oils, makeup, and other substances from your body by cleaning up your body very well and drying. Then the patient will be given protective eyewear. An anesthetic cream may also be applied to the area to be treated before the treatment. The handpiece has its cooling system to guarantee the patients’ comfort. We repeat this process for a good number of times on the areas being treated like three or more times depending on the progress of the treatment, and this takes like 30 minutes to complete one round. The impact on your skin will be instantly noticed, and there will usually be little or no side effects. The little noticeable ones such as redness of the skin, minor sensation, and some small swelling, will clear away within a short time. Normally within a few hours of applying the treatment.

At Newlook Laser Clinic, which is one of the best hair and skin laser clinic, use laser technology to offer our patients safe firmer and tighter skin on the spot.


The treatment is good for all who always want to appear special, and those that fancy great looks. We had seen from experience and research that the treatment applies to older people that still want to look beautiful. This treatment will be good for you as it will make you look younger, more vibrant, and healthier.  Treatment areas include the face, tummy, breasts, chest, buttocks, thighs, or neck.


Yes, this may be necessary to ensure that the success achieved remains permanent. Some study shows that for most skin tightening expert. There may be a need for up to six treatments, depending on the patient’s desired results and the area treated. These treatments are generally spaced roughly like some weeks apart. It can become routine yearly to maintain your skin for you.


There are very few risks associated with laser skin tightening, as it does not require surgery, at New Look laser Clinic. We use our experience and advanced technology to make sure your safety is guaranteed. As we have noted earlier, it is quite safe to undertake, very easy to apply, with minimal side effects but with great results. That will make you fresher and wonderful again.

At Newlook laser clinic,  leading Hair & Skin Care Clinic in Delhi, provide your beautiful look, safety, and comfort are our concern. We have what it takes to give you a firmer and tighter skin that meets your expectation and even exceeds your expectation.

Laser Treatment for Laser Skin Tightening are comfortable and cost-effective—and fast. People in New Delhi should contact Newlook Laser Clinic today on 9810343103 schedules a consultation or treatment for Laser Skin tightening. Our specialist will give you all the necessary information about the skin whitening procedure during your consultation.