Skin whitening also known as skin bleaching or lightening of the skin is the process of lightening the skin tone by reducing the concentration of melanin.It is all about making your skin look younger and more presentable in appearance. The human skin color is one of the most noticeable and eye catching aspect of the individual. Skin color is determined by the amount and type of melanin produced in melanosomes and the pattern of melano some distributed in the melanocytes within the body.

Lighter tone is a dream of every woman/man who appreciates beautiful looks and appearance. In most cases statistics, has shown that people both men and women are mostly attracted to those with lighter complexion. It defines you as a person and makes you look beautiful inside-out. At New Look Laser Clinic our aim is to bring out your natural beauty and the real wonderful person you are through skin whitening.


Often there is always this misconception that Skin whitening treatment means that an inherent dark skin type will become white. It simply means that suitable ‘whitening’ treatments for a dark skin type will enhance the texture and tone of the skin to reflect a more youthful look. It is only a misconception that skin whitening treatments will ‘whiten’ the skin or turn your skin ‘white’.

Newlook Laser Clinic is poised to help you whiten your skin with the use of technology in laser treatment. We have the hands to achieve this. We have the state of the art equipment to enable your dream come true, and at affordable rate.


One of the ways we intend to achieve this is through our New Look laser skin whitening treatment. As is commonly known, laser treatment is the most and highly effective method that assist in the removal of dark spots and lightening skin. When laser is applied to the dark spots on the skin concentrated laser beams removes layer of skins until spots gets lighter.

The technique as usual, will last just minutes, but depends on the size of the area where pigmentation is. When the area of pigmentation is bigger a minimum of 25-30 minutes will betaken. We have qualified doctors that will work to make sure that your safety is guaranteed, that your discomfort will be reduced, and that you are given a laser treatment that will be most suitable to the nature and type of skin that you have.


There are different types of laser skin whitening treatment that we can apply at New Look Laser clinic, this includes: Nd YAG q switch laser treatment. But in New Look Laser Clinic our preferred option is Nd: YAG q switch treatment. We make use of other whitening methods such as Cosmelan treatment and glutathione treatment.


This works by emitting high levels of light bursting with energy towards affected areas of the skin. This helps to minimize the number of undesirable cells of the skin thereby triggering a new generation of radiant new skin cells replacing the shredded ones. The wavelengths produced by the laser assists and targets lesions of the skin.

The potent laser can penetrate deep into the recesses of the skin without any injury to the surface layer, and aid in the manufacturing of collagen and essential protein which creates supple and youthful, healthy skin. The procedure is basically painless and can be used on all skin type. This technology is preferable because there is no downtime and less stressful on the skin.


In addition, we offer cosmelan treatment. Cosmelan treatment helps to enhance the anti-aesthetic skin spots with high safety lines. Cosmelan depigmentation treatment primary function is the elimination of melanin spots or patches in the face region. To improve its results, a mesoestatic melanostop peel is applied immediately before the mask treatment at no extra cost. This method of treatment has several advantages such as high safety margin, light peeling effect, rapid and easy depigmentation, compatible with all skin types, etc.


Also available for skin whitening at New Look Laser clinic is Glutathione treatment, another effective means of whitening the skin that is safe and painless. An anti-oxidant naturally synthesized in the body, it also has several medical applications one of which is skin whitening. When it comes to skin whitening, glutathione have anti-melanogenic effect. When used with vitamin C becomes a powerful anti-oxidant, making the skin to glow with long lasting effects. Usually administered orally or intravenously. It is a treatment that we apply to give your skin the long lasting effects.

At Newlook Laser Clinic, we are committed to giving your skin a fresh look, with the care and technology, caring for your safety and comfort. We want to ensure that you get value for your money, and that you get a care that will last till we achieve you are completely recovered from any side effects that may be associated with the treatment. We help you look and feel good so that you can appreciate the real you.

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Laser Treatment for Skin Whitening are comfortable and cost-effective—and fast. People in New Delhi should contact Newlook Laser Clinic today on 9810343103 schedule a consultation or treatment for skin whitening, Our specialist will give you all the necessary information about the skin whitening procedure during your consultation.

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