The Laser Stop Smoking program is conducted over four sessions. All treatments are private and confidential and will be carried out by one of our fully trained doctors or therapist.

Treatment One: A private consultation with one of our Doctors or therapists, together with your Carbon monoxide and blood pressure test before your treatment begins. Allow approximately one hour.

Treatment Two:(following day) Today you will receive your second relaxing laser therapy treatment plus help in supporting you through the next stage of your stop smoking program. Time to review your progress. Treatment time 30 mins.

Treatment Three: This appointment will be scheduled at your 2nd visit.

Treatment Four: This appointment will be scheduled at your 3rd visit.

We use the most advanced technology called Nicolite for smoking cessation.

Nicolite is a state of the art-laser-diode which is used to induce a biostimulative effect to assist in smoking cessation. The laser initiates the realease of endorphins naturally occuring chemicals, which reduce pain, stress levels & increase circulation & energy. This helps to combat the bodies cravings for nicotine & naturally reduce physical withdrawal symptoms.The nicolite system is an ideal addition to any aesthetic practice, the negative effects the smoking has on the skin are well documented. Any patients who have recently quit smoking are perfectly positioned to start a skin care regime to rectify the skin damage caused by smoking.