Hemangiomas is a non- cancerous growth that is as a result of abnormal blood vessels collection. It can be found on the skin or internal organs most commonly the liver. This condition is congenital, meaning it is developed before birth. Internal Hemangiomas may not be known. It may be quite a scare and pity seeing an infant with such a condition. The sight may not be as pleasing. For many parents the idea of removing Hemangiomas is very welcome. Luckily, removal of Hemangiomas is very possible and a child can lead a normal life. One such removal method is by use of laser technology. This is one of the most popular ways of getting things done. You will never have a problem, with any of these method.


Most Hemangiomas disappear on their own; however some may call for the need of removal. In the treatment of Hemangiomas using laser removal technique the laser is used to slow the growth, reduce redness and prepare for other treatments.

The use of anesthesia and number of treatments is dependent on several factors like age of the child and the area affected. To ensure quality service at New Look Laser Clinic, we work on premises as well as are prepared to answer any queries and supervise the treatment. Whereas other Clinics might use same technology, we at New Look Laser Clinic have developed proper service protocols, good methods and high quality procedures, which put us on top of other clinics.

There are quite a number of laser techniques that are used depending on the location of the Hemangiomas.

Diagnosis is necessary before embarking on any removal treatment.


Use laser removal technique on children during infancy. Studies show that this is the time to treat Hemangiomas and ensure the growth disappears for good. This also serves as a relief to new parents.

When removal is done during infancy, it is recommended that it be done at intervals of about twenty one days.

Laser technique is also effective in removing small vessels left after involution.


The procedure has minimal side effects. There is however slight discomfort. Utmost care to ensure such discomfort is at its minimal is important. This is more so when children, who as a matter of fact are the majority patients are concerned.

Bruising and crusting is also possible. This however is expected to last a couple of days. Prolonged bruising should be checked by a medic. Reasonable care should be taken in cases of bruising, and should be treated just like any other normal bruise.


The greatest advantage of this is that it is a pain free experience which acts as a relief to affected parents. It also helps regain self esteem in older children. Hemangiomas is likely to cause social and physiological problems

It is very important that parents weigh the options of Hemangiomas removal with their pediatrician. This is because most of these growths disappear with time and there would be no need of having to let a child go through the process of removal.

Should there however, be need for laser removal it is critical that it is carried out by a physician who is well versed with laser treatment. This includes the knowledge on various laser treatments for Hemangiomas available and how each suits different cases.

Dealing with infants is quite a sensitive issue and since they are the ones most likely to be treated for Hemangiomas, due care is not debatable.

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