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Amit Srivastav
 My Name is Amit srivastava. I am a software developer in Indore. I have been facing acne & scars problem since 7 years and i have done almost every treatment of the scars & pits. Then I have been suggested by one of my friend in about NEW LOOK‘s advance treatment of scars & blemishes. I have been reading so many articles about NEW LOOK related to weight loss, moles, burn marks , birth marks etc., but actually believed them to be true when I can see the results appearing on my face. Now I am bit relaxed now a day because my face is improving by this worst acne i had on my face. Thanks a lot to my friend and good luck to NEW LOOK for this so effective & efficient & painless treatment 
 I'm writing this so that you can use this as a testimonial if you like. I was diagnosed with Vitiligo last year in March of 2005. I went to 2 doctors and a dermatologist who all informed me that there is no solution & there is nothing that I can do about it. They also told me that I have a very mild case and not to worry because they've seen worse. I suppose they were trying to make me feel better. It didn't work, I felt horrible. I started to do research on the web and I found other products first that claimed results but none worked. So around August of 2006 I visited NEW LOOK, Asia’s largest skin laser center and within the first 2 week there was a drastic change. The spot on my forehead went from white to a light pink with little specks of brown underneath that my wife could see faintly. I was very excited to say the least. This happened without any sun I might add as well. 
 I came to see NEW LOOK out of pure frustration. In the past few years, I noticed, much to my dismay, that I was developing cellulite. This is an issue I thought I would never have to deal with. I am a young, thin woman who works out regularly. Unfortunately, no matter how thin I got or how much I worked out. However ,One fine day I read about NEW LOOK in the newspaper about the new equipment called I lipo introduced by them and there’s no down time. I was thrilled. I was thrilled nothing came close to the results I achieved with NEW LOOK. 
Mr Jagbir
 I started losing my hair a couple of years ago and my confidence really began to suffer. Once I had tried various clinics which are into hair transplants , however each one of these companies were simply money making companies with no concrete result .then one of my friend told me about NEW LOOK which has some extremely qualified dermatologists & I soon noticed the difference, not just in my re growth but in my self esteem. Great treatment. Great service. 
 I feel so grateful and happy to have been a part of this clinic for three weeks. Psoriasis can be lonely and exhausting, but here there is comfort, companionships and caring. Added to the effective treatments at NEW LOOK, there is healing here. Each one of you added your personal touch to create a new chapter in my life which was with no scare & fear. I feel I have found my second home and look forward to whole loads of laurels in your kitty.