Breast enlargement is a surgical process which involves placement of a silicone implant within the breast tissue. The process takes about 2 hours, and the patient can go home 4-6 hours after that.

Almost any size of breast increase can be achieved, since silicone implants that are available come in various volumes and projections. Thus not only the size but also the shape can be reliably predicted during silicone breast enlargement procedure.

The surgery is safe, with hardly any blood loss. The implants are safe and do not cause any problems with breast feeding later in life. Modern breast implants come with lifetime warranty on them. They are made of excellent quality material.

After the surgery, patient can go to light office work even as soon as the next day. Gym exercises and other arm lifting procedures will need to wait for 2 weeks. Sports bra ( from Adidas, Reebok etc) needs to be worn for 6 weeks and underwire bras needs to be avoided for this period.


  • women with severe sagging of breast
  • women with any other disease