Privacy Policy


NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC is a company that deals with beauty and skin care services. This company adheres to a high standard of integrity to its clients as outlined in their privacy policy.


NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC collects personal information with a client knowledge and consent. We never share information with any one and once you come to our website you can be completely sure about it. We always protect the information and in any case do not share with anyone.


Information from clients is sensitive and therefore at NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC, it is handled with utmost care. The information is used to provide the service requested for by the client and to inform the client about new products and services. Contact information such as email addresses is not shared or sold to any other party. However, this information may be used by third parties with full knowledge of NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC for technical maintenance or sold out to carefully selected affiliate companies that may provide services that are of interest to the client. Information is also shared to advertising companies that advertise products that may interest the client. NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC cautions the client that the privacy policies of the third parties are not reviewed by NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC and therefore any action taken by the third party is not in any way the responsibility of NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC . In some cases also, the law might require that NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC’s database be accessed for the purpose of an investigation. A client who does not wish to have his or her information shared may communicate to NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC. Also, a client who does not wish to receive communication from NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC is free to unsubscribe from the company’s email. A client may also update his or her details in the section where he or she registered.


NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC places cookies in computers for convenience. For example, if a client wants to save his or her username and password on the computer he or she is using, then a cookie may provide such a convenience. NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC also cautious that while advertisers may serve clients of NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC with cookies, the company does not have control over such cookies. A client may opt to block cookies from his or her computer but this may cause a malfunction of some portions of the NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC website.


NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC reserves the right to use a client’s IP address to diagnose problem on its servers, to gather broad demographic information or to administer its website


NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC may provide external links to websites of other companies which have products that may interest NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC’s clients. NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC however cautions that the privacy policy of these other companies is in no way the responsibility of NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC. Clients are hence advised to review these policies before logging into the sites.


NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC holds the right to make changes to its privacy policy at any time. Clients are advised to periodically check on it for any changes to avoid any inconvenience.

It is clear that NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC in every way cares for its clients in every possible way without interfering with other parties associated with it. The privacy policy for NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC warns clients mostly about dealing with third parties. NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC does not take any responsibility for anything that goes wrong when dealing with an affiliate of NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC .

Now if this is what NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC is all about: confidentiality, convenience and meticulous service provision, I am convinced that any client would want to receive such services. So the next time you have a skin care issue, why not hop onto NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC website and book an appointment?

It is also clear that NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC cares for the convenience of its clients. NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC ensures that it sends any new information to its clients using the contact details provided. This therefore means that at NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC, a customer gets what the company provides and other related products from similar companies. Isn’t such concern that any client wants from a service provider? NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC also places cookies in clients’ computers for the convenience of username and password storage. This ensures that in the event that a client forgets his or her password, then the client does not have to suffer lack of access to NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC’s services. This is a great feature especially for people with many usernames and passwords.

Confidentiality is also a major virtue that comes out when one reads NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC’s privacy policy. Contact details and email addresses are not shared or sold to any other party. It is always a good thing to be able to trust one’s service provider and this ensures that clients are always coming back to NEWLOOK LASER CLINIC for all their skin care issues.