The existence of the sun is a necessary evil. How much we love a beautiful sunny day! However, along with it comes many side effects. It is essential to understand the damage these ultraviolet rays can do to our skin before we head on to finding a solution to protect us from the same. We at New Look here come continuously across customers who are looking for ways to undo the damage that the sun has caused to their skin. It’s time we correctly understand the kind of damages our skin can go through when exposed to the sun for a long time to take the right measures to protect us from the same.

There are problems like skin aging and skin cancer caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Well, there are issues that we have all come across at some point or another, which includes tanning, redness of the skin, dry skin, wrinkles, sunburn, and in some cases even bruising. Brown spots and white spots are other common problems we know of, including freckles, which are known to be a massive headache for people with light skin tones. Let us now take a look at the solutions available.


• Premature wrinkles
• Brown spots
• Thick, leathery texture
• Actinic keratosis

Treatments for Sun Damaged Skin

We at Newlook here have a range of skin treatment and similar products that will help you reduce the damage caused by the UV rays due to prolonged exposure in the sun. The results, although not immediate, are however very effective in reversing the damage that has already caused.


This treatment helps remove the damaged cells from the upper layers of your skin. Skin creams containing salicylic acid or alpha-hydroxy are often suggested by dermatologists. These come by the name of cosmelan or yellow peel. The entire procedure divided into two parts. The first mask is applied by the doctor who has to stay for around eight to ten hours and is then recommended to be washed off. The patient at home can use the second mask. In approximately one week of the time, you might be able to see the damaged skin peel off with the new surface being generated and thus reversing all damage caused to the skin. This procedure will leave you with fresher, smoother, and healthier-looking skin.


For this technique micro-particles such as grains or tiny crystals are used to remove the upper damaged layer of the skin. It helps in the generation of new skin cells and also boosts the formation of collagen.


Q- switched laser is one of the most common treatments for sun damage, and it especially helps to treat brown spots and freckles. Although q switched, laser not recommended if you have many places, for a few sunspots on the skin, this would be the right thing to consider. The laser energy, when directed towards the surface, feels like hot spots and is thus used with a combination of cold air directed in the same direction to reduce discomfort. There might be crusts formed in the treated area, and in that case, it’s good to apply petroleum jelly to manage them. They should heal in around two weeks.

There are endless discussions that have taken place in concern to the above topic. Make sure you reach out to our dermatologist and get the damage repaired or at least start avoiding getting any more of it before it grows and causes severe issues for you skin to suffer. To help you out we always look forward to the good ways we can help you with back here at Newlook Laser Clinic, so that we can make sure you not only get the experts but also the latest of the technology that can give you amazing results and keep your beautiful skin exactly the way you want it to be.

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