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FUSE Hair Transplant

The magical FUE hair transplant treatment and its special features

At the New Look Laser Clinic our experts in hair transplantation perform various treatments including FUE hair transplant facility. A new and innovative technology for all your hair fall issues, it is a very popular transplantation method amongst the patients. It is extremely advanced and gives the earliest possible results and is an absolute value for your money. Your donor’s precious hair will be put to maximum use by the FUE hair transplantation method.

Know more about FUE

FUE also known as Follicular Unit Extraction is a new transplantation technique for people suffering from excessive hair loss and going bald or already bald. It is an advanced system to transplant hair and is an improved transplantation technique when compared to other popularly used hair transplant techniques like SHT (Strip Harvesting Transplantation).

FUE Transplantation procedure

The procedure can be done by only the experienced and trained doctors.

  • The first step involves extracting hair follicles from the donor’s head. Mostly hair from the back of head (especially the lower portion) is preferred due to the quality reasons. To extract the hair from the donor a special instrument developed for the FUE treatment is used. This instrument is less than 1 mille meter in diameter.
  • The extracted follicles are now ready to be transferred to the patient’s scalp. The implantation process needs to be done with extreme caution. For good results Follicles are then transferred to the patient’s scalp using a high quality microscope. The hair transplantation occurs in the batches of one to four hairs at a time. The concept is to transplant them in such a way that they appear to be naturally growing from the follicles.
  • Please note that the entire process requires the lowest level of surgical procedures and thus will take place after applying local anesthesia to reduce the impact of painful process. You will be cautious the entire time though and will be aware of your surroundings. If done by an expert the entire treatment will have very minor to no side effects. You can straight away go to home after the process completion
  • Lastly you will be given clear cut instructions to follow at home for take care of your newly implanted hair on your scalp. It will include certain medications and products to apply on your hair for maintenance purpose. You cannot apply just about any product after the completion of hair.

Special features of FUE treatment process:

FUE is different from any normal hair transplant method in several different ways:

  • Your scalp will be unscarred by the end of the process something which is a common occurrence in a hair transplant process. If there will be any scar it will be difficult to make out.
  • The recovery time is negligible in comparison to other hair treatments. Mostly hair transplantations take 4 to 5 week or so to get healed while FUE is done in a period of two days.
  • The process requires a donor for hair. It is a precious asset for someone with balding issues and this process ensures minimum wastage in terms of donor hair damage.
  • The result of FUE Hair transplantation is better than all the rest put together. The mapping method used for implantation makes the hair look as natural as the real ones would look.

Thus FUE hair transplant is worth every penny you spend and is the top quality method for the same. Also this is a permanent solution and will not need regular visits to your hair expert doctor’s clinic.