Tattoo Removal Delhi

Tattoo Removal Delhi

It has been observed that the trend of Tattooing took a peak in past decade. But that peak has come down and a plateau phase has been obtained. Because of various reasons now people want tattoo removal as they considered it to be a mistake you want to totally get rid of. With the advanced lasers, it’s possible to get rid of Tattoos. No matter whether you are looking to remove the tattoo in shades of blue, black, green, or other lighter color, our Laser Tattoo Removal will meet any challenge. Laser tattoo removal is simple, safe, and produces fantastic results. It is very effective on the tattoos of any shape and size, and done by professional and amateur tattooists. We at Newlook Laser Clinic can help you with this.


Procedure Benefits

  • Unlike any other tattoo removal procedures at Newlook Laser Clinic are with laser method is very safe and won’t burn and damage the skin. These procedures are carried out by the trained professionals. The colour of the light penetrates deep enough into the skin to reach the tattoo ink.
  • Different tattoo colours might require different colours of laser.
  • The duration of the laser energy is short. But this effectively heats the tattoo pigmentation into fragments as the heat dissipates into the surrounding areas of the skin.
  • Sometimes fractional Co2 is used in combination with Q switched lasers for high grade results.
  • It may take several sessions (6 to 10 sessions for most) for removal of the tattoo since the treatment heavily depends on the colour and depth of the tattoo.
  • Treatments are administered 4 to 6 weeks apart.
  • Laser treatments involve minimum or no down time.

Technology involved


Advanced Q switch laser is used for Tattoo removal. It has different colours of laser light which reaches the tattoo ink. The duration of laser energy is short. But this effectively heats the tattoo pigmentation into fragments which are removed naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.  Sometimes fractional Co2 laser is also used in combination with Q switched laser for high grade results. It may take several sessions (6-10) sessions for the removal of tattoo

AMS Advantage


At Newlook Laser Clinic, we assimilate the impeccable artistic vision as well as best technological advancements in dermatology that will enhance natural beauty of the skin. With the outstanding team of Dermatologists, we will help you to neutralize wrinkles, frown lines, fine lines as well as get rid of the tattoos in state of art facilities at very affordable, and value for money rates. No wonder, our patients from all across the world throng to achieve the cosmetic and the skincare goals. It also brings together radio frequency technology and a variety of peels, injectables, hydrating bespoke facials as well as skin care, and all administered by expert team that will tailor your laser tattoo removal treatments to your needs.



We at Newlook Laser Clinic will care highest standards of confidentiality and privacy ensuring extra comfort for all our patients. For protection of privacy, we will maintain the hard non-disclosure policy.

Stages of Treatments


There has to be the organized, methodical and structured approach with the holistic ‘Understanding’ that will determine how you can get best outcome for every patient. Whereas approach to assess every patient is the same, findings will be different and thus treatment plan. All are the outcome of an effort to develop the initial understanding.

Within our nourishing and relaxing environment, we also strive hard to provide the wide range of the treatments and the technologies that will give you healthy and strong skin whose glow and youthfulness will stand test of time. Our personalized treatment program will get tailored after seeing your tattoo.

Possible Consequences and Precautions

The treatment is supposed to have no downtime. Side effects are very minor. Patients generally experience minor swelling and sunburn- sensation, but scarring will be rare. Many people will return to their daily routines immediately after treatment.

AMS for good results

After the treatment you should keep area covered for a week, and washing with water only. All heat treatments, saunas or hot baths, must be avoided during first week after the treatment. You should keep area out of sunlight for 6 weeks, and using SPF protection whenever necessary in-between the treatments.

Final Improvement

There might be slow fading of your tattoo.

Time Duration

Duration of this treatment depends on size of a tattoo getting treated.  

Number of sessions

The Advanced Laser Removal generally requires many treatments to get done to achieve best results. It is normally the course of over 3 to 7 sessions, but may always get decided on case-by-case stage.


Duration of the results is permanent.


Our support does not end with achieving your cosmetic or weight-loss goals. Complete follow-up with multidisciplinary team will be encouraged, and helping you achieve as well as maintain best results.

We are the foremost laser tattoo removal centre and we use latest technology as well as give you most appropriate attention and care. Our specialized team of the doctors, will take care of concerned issue a well as provide best laser method and guidance to remove permanent tattoos. There’re a lot of procedures of removing the tattoo, however, most efficient and less painful will be Laser tattoo removal. Here, we provide the customized solution according to your needs at very minimum rate. Our efficient specialists will evaluate as well as design perfect treatment according to individual requirements. Laser therapy generally depends on type of the ink and the pigment present in your tattoo. After evaluating the tattoo, appropriate plan will be designed and procedure will be done. The laser beam breaks down pigment present in your tattoo with the high intensity of light beam. There’re many lasers for the different color pigment.

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