As skin ages, elastic fibers in the dermis break down, collagen fibers get “stuck” together, and there’s a gradual loss in hyaluronic acid, the ground substance that gives skin its bulk and feel. The skin becomes stiffer and less elastic, and when subjected to repeated movement by the underlying muscles, such as in the forehead, and around the eyes and lips, wrinkles appear. Exposure to the sun greatly accelerates this process, and it occurs earliest in patients with thinner, lighter skin. The principal changes seen in the aging face include:

  • Skin changes, blotches, discoloration, textural changes
  • “Mimetic” wrinkles caused by movement of muscles
  • “Furrows” caused by loss of elasticity and laxity of underlying muscles and ligaments.
  • Sagging and jowling caused by loss of underlying fat cushions and skeletal structures

There is no single technique that can correct all of these changes, but a systematic approach to treatment can significantly and often dramatically improve the aging face.

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