Experience flawless skin with pigmentation treatment

Can’t think of staying with your pigmented skin anymore? Well, you can now dream of experiencing a flawless skin texture that makes your face glowing and youthful. One of the best aesthetic treatments to achieve a smooth and healthy skin is the laser. Newlook Laser Clinic, one of the leading laser skin care clinic in Delhi NCR, provides professional help with best treatment for pigmentation on face. You can quickly get rid of dark uneven spots on your face at our ultra-modern skin clinic equipped with the latest equipment and expert dermatologists.

How does skin become pigmented?
Did you notice the dullness of your face developing recently? The appearance of dark spots or brown pigments over particular areas makes the complexion dull. You might have felt embarrassed when your face looked patchy and pigmented in broad daylight! These dark spots occur because of excessive production of melanin. The most common risk factors include exposure to UV sun rays, genetic predisposition and hormonal changes, especially with ageing. Dietary deficiency and lifestyle stresses are other important causes. Are you addicted to that body cologne? Well, wrong use of cosmetics can also cause pigmentation over neck, underarms and lips.

An important point to remember, the more exposed your skin is to the sun, the more are the chances of getting a pigmented skin! So, it is good to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Are you worried about already pigmented skin? Laser pigmentation treatment is the best way.

How effective is Laser?
Even if you take the best preventive measures, modern-day routines make you quite prone to pigmentation. Are you tired of hiding those dark spots? For pigmentation treatment with laser. Try consulting our expert dermatologists, The laser is targeted at the exact areas precisely, without affecting the surrounding skin. It is aimed at the melanin cells in the dermis. Thus, the top layer of pigmented skin is removed with perfection. The result is flawless and evergreen skin. You must take repeated sessions as advised until the entire pigmented area gains your natural complexion. Your face is free of blemishes, age spots and even tattoos!

Am I the right candidate for Pigmentation Treatment?
We treat various kinds of pigmentation problems like:
• Freckles – typical dark spots developing at a young age
• Malasma – pregnancy related pigmentation with brownish discoloration
• Signs of ageing – like dark face patches, excessive moles etc.

If you notice unusual pigmented areas on your face, that make your skin dull and blemished, you should consult laser experts for pigmentation treatment. You will be surprised to see the pleasant effects, and your Newlook will add wonder to your personality.

We offer best treatment for pigmentation on face in our clinics, in the following locations:  Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad.

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