Blackheads Treatment

What are blackheads?

First of all, you might wonder what the difference is between a blackhead and a whitehead. A blackhead is a comedone formed when the opening of a hair follicle becomes wider than normal. Because the follicle opening is wider, the sebum (sebaceous glands produce a substance called sebum, which is responsible for keeping the skin and hair moisturized) and the sloughed off dead skin cells react chemically with the air, resulting in the oxidation of melanin, which in turn causes the dark coloration of the blackhead.


What is Acne?
Ultimately acne results from infection of the oil gland due to the blockage by the blackhead. Therefore preventing and removing blackheads helps to control acne.


What are whiteheads?
On the other hand, a whitehead is a comedone formed from a hair follicle that is not open to the air. It is also clogged with sebum and sloughed off dead skin cells, but the lack of exposure to the air does not lead to the oxidation of melanin, so the clogged matter stays white.



Blackheads are caused by many reasons including stress, hormones, using the wrong skin products, and pollutants in the air. The bestblackhead removal technique is prevention, and listed below are several ways you can take care of your skin to keep blackheads from forming.


Tips on battling blackheads

  • Steam your face daily. Warm steam from a steamer or a warm cloth is a good way to open the pores and clean out the oily gunk.
  • Be gentle with cleansing. When cleansing the face, avoid harsh soap and rough cloths. Instead, use a mild non-comedogenic cleanser twice a day. Also, take care not to scrub the face as you may cause more harm to your skin.
  • Do not pop your blackheads. Popping that huge blackhead may be tempting, but you should avoid doing this at all costs. Popping and squeezing may not only make blackheads multiply, but it can also lead to skin infection and bad acne scarring.
  • Take caution when shaving. Make sure that you shave with a sharp, clean razor and prep by softening the hair first with soap and water. Any cuts and nicks from shaving may make a blackhead outbreak worse.
  • Use oil free cosmetics. All cosmetics including cleansers, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and body washes should be oil free and labeled as non-comedogenic. These types of products are less likely to clog the pores.

Using these preventative skin care techniques will improve any case of blackheads, from mild to severe.


When To See Your Doctor?

If you have severe acne, or it is leaving scars, you should see a dermatologist. They should be able to give you more information on how to get rid of blackheads.


Treat your Problems with Healthy Diet

“Your food is your grave,” wrote Bernard Shaw. This short, cryptic statement, tells you about the importance of the food you eat.

Notwithstanding lots of research done on the subject, cross sections of opinions, statements and explanations, I wish to tell you one thing very clearly. Acne is outer expressions on your skin, the inner impurities within the skin. It is believed that by changing the diet pattern, you can reduce the attacking force of acne. And it does not take a long time, for the changes to occur.


It is noticed that by switching over to a plant based, vegetarian diet, an appreciable reduction in the amount of sebum present on the skin is noticed. The level of sebum content in the skin is related to the arrival and presence of acne. Your vegetarian diet helps to defeat acne, within a month, even without medication!

But be sincere to the procedure of diet, and do not show even the slightest latitude. Even if you take a short break with the diet, the retreating acne is not going to condone you. It will find its opportunity to attack you with renewed vigor. Your acne condition will immediately worsen.

It is not enough that your diet is vegetarian, but you need to be a selective vegetarian. The foods that you normally consider healthy are not good for acne condition. In fact, they are taboo. The vegetarian foods that you considered excellent, like seeds, nuts, soyabeans.


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