Cosmetic Surgery Holidays – A New Trend Catching Up

A trend of going abroad for medical treatment is gaining momentum day by day in people as they get treatment there at low cost especially in some Asian countries like India, Thailand and Malaysia. Medical treatment is quite cheap in these countries compared to other European countries. The trend of getting Cosmetic Surgery abroad is known as cosmetic surgery holidays. Nowadays cosmetic surgery holidays have become very common. For the purpose of getting their cosmetic surgery done at cheaper prices, people go to other countries.

There are some advantages as well as disadvantages associated with cosmetic surgery holidays. During cosmetic surgery holiday’s people not only can avail the benefit of low cost cosmetic surgery but can also enjoy their vacations by visiting different locations in that country.

A simple breast augmentation procedure can involve minimum £3000/- to £5000/- in UK, whilst the same will cost 40% less in India, for example. Laser eye surgery, Weight Loss Surgery and Acne Treatment are also cheaper here in India.

As a first step in planning for cosmetic surgery holidays, you must consider the regulations of those countries and the accreditations of the surgeons. While talking about cons of availing cheaper price cosmetic surgery during cosmetic surgery holidays in these countries, it should be kept in mind that medical requirements and facilities in these countries may not be good enough and the laws governing surgeries might also not be enough to protect people from different risks associated with such procedures. Possibility of a surgeon not being qualified enough to perform flawless surgery can also not be ruled out. This situation can lead to more harm than benefit. There are various instances when people went for cosmetic surgery holidays and got cheaper surgery but their breast implants leaked on their way back home as the breast implants were incorrectly placed. This resulted into paying more in their own country for reconstructive surgery. This can happen anywhere, even in developed countries.

There are two main governing bodies of cosmetic surgeons in the United Kingdom. These bodies make sure that their member surgeons work flawlessly. But still it cannot be guaranteed that all members of these organizations will perform successful surgery at all times. These two governing bodies are BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons, and BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons).

Today the trend of cosmetic surgery holidays has become a global phenomenon and many people from many countries are flying to locations in a bid to save money where the treatment will be much cheaper. Even surgeons in some countries like India are also teaming up with luxury New Delhi hotels, Goa Hotels, Mumbai Hotels & Bangalore Hotels to offer full cosmetic surgery holidays packages. To make your cosmetic surgery holidays perfect, Delhi tours are also included by some. This New Delhi Bed and Breakfast and Delhi Guest house are especially recommended in New Delhi, India.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery holidays, you should take some time to know your surgeon or dentist and find someone you feel relaxed and comfortable with. Some recommend this Delhi Dentist in India. You have to be completely honest with the dental or cosmetic surgeon about your expectations from the procedure as well as the medical history.

Although tummy tuck surgery is an outpatient procedure, but still it should be taken seriously as a surgery. Therefore, whilst on cosmetic surgery holidays, you should plan it well or take someone with you both to and from your appointment. Some effects are associated with tummy tuck surgery such as pain, numbness and general fatigue that lasts from a few weeks to a few months. Further, drains are used to help healing and these are removed in one to three weeks after the procedure. So while scheduling cosmetic surgery holidays, all these factors should be considered and weighed properly before finally going in for any such surgery.

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