Teenagers’ fitness, a major concern


Health of teenagers is becoming the major concern for each & every parents. Because the modern trend of society are spoiling the fitness of the teenagers. Consumption of alcohol, junk food & smoking are very hazardous for teenagers. Teenage is the growing age for both boys & girls because many body & hormonal changes take places during this period. For teenager children it is not necessary to eat like a monster & workout like a robot.

v Skipping meals: People try to skip meals in order to lose body weight quickly. However, at the end of the day they consume a lot more when they eat. This gives rise to poor eating habits and can lead to the failure of maintaining a sensible diet. Some people love to skip the breakfast.

  • Eating healthy & right: – Take the food in a balanced way and measure the calories. You can also take some low calories snack between meals to avoid unhealthy food. Avoid skipping breakfast and start your day with a nice healthy breakfast to stay fit and energetic for the whole day.
  • Smoking and Alcohol intake: The late night party culture attracts the teenagers the most. Smoking and drinking being a status symbol these days, leads them to unseen health disasters which they realize later in life.

v Avoidance is the best policy: – One should completely avoid smoking and alcohol intake till they are adults.

  • Eating before bed and while working: – Don’t eat just before going to bed. Eating before bedtime can cause indigestion. One must avoid eating while working as it leads to overeating, which leads weights gain.
  • Eating fast: While eating, you should try to eat as slow as possible. Eating fast causes indigestion and slow chewing of the food helps in proper digestion of the food. 
  • Drinking insufficient water: Water is the vital thing, which is needed for the optimal functioning of all life forms. Drink adequate amount of water because water forms a significant role in our body and also flushes out the toxins. Water also helps in metabolism since water is necessary for all metabolic functions, including calorie burning.

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