Hair they grow!

Hair transplantation and hair weaving is a trendy style statement in this era. From celebrities to common man, it is gaining popularity with every passing day.

It has been found that as you grow older you experience more hair loss. This problem runs in the family and is usually a genetic problem. Men sometimes go totally bald while women experience hair loss problems over the entire scalp. The main character of this is a receding hair line and baldness on the top of the head. This may lead you to lose self-confidence and make you hesitant to socialize.

Normally we lose about 100-150 strands of hair in a day. Hair grows for a period of 2-6 years before becoming dormant. It gradually falls off and is replaced by new hair. This dormant period is called the “resting phase”. Sometimes people experience more than normal hair loss which leads to mental stress and anxiety.

There are treatments and cures but then, they could be really, really confusing. Hair loss treatments are available in plenty these days -you can pop pills, rub ointments, use medicated shampoos, laser surgery, and what not. Despite the multiplicity of treatments, people in dire need of hair transplants face the same old questions-are these treatments safe and without side effects? Are they permanent? How will the end result look? Will they suit you? Will your hair really grow back? Questions, questions, but where are the answers?

Here is where New Look steps in and takes control of your hair-loss problems. With experienced dermatologists and scalp therapists eager to help you, a personal solution for your problem is a moment away. Being the largest chain of hair and skin care clinics in South Asia allows us to bring you the latest technology along with high standards and result oriented sittings.

Wait, it gets better. We take pride in the ability to provide you the latest automated hair transplantation and Hair Weaving treatments which is stitchless, scarless and painless. Hair Transplantation involves surgically removing hair-bearing portions of the scalp and transplanting it on an area of thinning hair. Ten days after surgery, almost all transplanted hair fall out as a reaction to this. New hair begins to emerge from the moved follicles after some time which further enhances your hair growth. On the other part, In Hair Weaving, hair is woven or glued to the root area of the client’s hair so that it grows naturally with the client’s hair. If you are looking for the style statement, Hair Weaving enables you to thicken and lengthen your hairs instantaneously. It is a hair extension application that can be perfectly matched up to your own hair. In fact, you can even part them in any way or pull your weaved hair into a pony tail as well as swim with this type of hair extension and try any looks in trend.

Call us, walk in and allow New Look to do the worrying for you. Our experience with different scalp types and problems equip us to point out the best course for you.

Watch the results take over your life-your confidence, your attitude. After all, it’s about looking good. And looking good is all about feeling good. Call today to fix an appointment. 9312963054, 011-41676591 or visit here for more information.