Pain Free Birthmarks Removal

A birthmark is an inherited, nonthreatening abnormality on the skin surface that is visible at birth or is noticeable immediately after birth, mostly in the first few months of birth. They can be located anywhere on the body, from the neck, face, arm, leg, thigh, buttocks, etc. Birthmarks are the resultant effect of the excessive proliferation of blood vessels, melanocytes, muscles, fat cells, fibroblasts, or keratinocytes. Birthmarks appear in several hues, such as red, brown, blue, etc. No matter the type, color or shape of birthmark you may have, you can be sure that at New Look Laser clinic, it will be taken care of by seasoned professionals with different methods that have proven to be effective and cost-friendly.

Types of Birthmarks

There are two major types of birthmarks, with each type further divided into different categories as we shall see below. The essence of listing out the types of birthmarks is to help you identify the one you have and seek at New Look Laser clinic. 

Pigmented birthmarks

With this type of birthmark, a portion of your skin is more colored than other parts. They typically increase as you grow older. New Look Laser Clinic uses laser therapy to treat pigmented birthmarks. The birth marks absorb the laser, which is transformed into heat, leading to its selective destruction by the photoacoustic properties of the laser. There are two types of pigmented birthmarks: mole and Cafe-au-lait spot 

·         Mole

While majority of moles are birthmarks, not all moles are birthmarks. They are tiny spots that appear in different colors, such as pink, light yellow or black. While many appear flat, others come with a little bump. It may disappear as you grow older, but itchy or bleeding moles need medical attention. 

·         Cafe-au-lait spot

As the French name implies, this birthmark resembles coffee that has milk added to it, and appears light brown especially on lighter skin. If a person is darker, they look like black coffee. This type of birthmark is small or large and is typically circular. 

·         Mongolian Spot

Its color is grayish blue. They are typically found on the back or buttocks, and resemble a bruise. 

Vascular birthmarks

This type of birthmark results when blood vessels gather at a point under your skin. It is present in 1 out of every 10 babies. the pulse dye laser which produce a beam of yellow light that passes harmlessly through the translucent layer of the skin and specifically heats the red blood vessels causing the lesion. New Look Laser clinic uses laser beams that are set to beam at short intervals so as to emit heat that will pass through the blood vessels without affecting any surrounding tissue. As the heated blood thickens, the blood vessels become larger as do not clump together at a spot as before. After the treatment, you will find that there is no trace of any mark or scar tissue.There are two types: 

·         Salmon patches

They are flat, with a pink or reddish color which may or may not disappear over time. 

·         Hemangiomas

These appear either under or on top of your skin. The ones on top are reddish in color, while the deep ones are blue or purple. They are bigger at birth, but reduce over time and may even flatten out in some cases. At New Look Laser clinic, laser therapy is used to remove hemangiomas. It is advisable to treat hemangiomas early, and not wait to see if they will disappear because of its likely complications if left for too long. 

·         Port wine stains

Typically appear on the face, with a wine color. They do not disappear naturally, and you will need to visit Newlook Laser Clinic one of leading clinic for laser skin treatment in Delhi NCR. 

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