Pigmentation and Its treatment using Laser Beams

Everyone deserves to look beautiful. Beauty gives confidence. But when we see a small spot on our face or a gray hair on our head, a thought which comes first in our mind is How to reduce this spot or hair? And that’s not very difficult to solve. Major problem now-a-days people suffer is skin pigmentations. Commonly people in different age suffer from Age spots, freckles, melasma, age spot, brown spot and birthmarks which can be referred as pigmentation. Newlook Laser Clinic has one of the best laser for birthmarks treatment. 

Luckily we are not in those olden days to regret for this pigmentation problems. Today we have many modern technologies to overcome these best treatment for  pigmentation
Melanin is a local skin pigment which gives colour to our skin. When melanin’s level is abnormally concentrated in one area of the skin, it causes pigmented dark spots. This is what we call as Pigmented lesions.
 Laser Treatment to Pigmentations:
Laser light is an intense beam of coherent light which is used to treat and improve skin conditions.  There are different types of laser devices to treat different type of pigmentations, but the Q-Switch Nd:yag laser device is mostly preferred to treat pigmentations.
A beam of laser light is made to penetrate on the pigmented lesions (that is on the abnormal melanin). Our skin absorbs the laser light and it is converted   into heat. This disperses the cluster of melanin cells, or vanish the skin cell which is carrying the melanin molecules. When the cluster of the melanin cell disperses our skin gets even tone.
Things should be noted before treating pigmentation with laser:
· Consultation of a doctor about the effect of pigmented lesion on your skin is recommended.
·   If you are undergoing any medication it should be informed to the doctor.
·   Avoid your skin’s exposure to sun before one week of treatment.
·  Avoid excessive use of facial products or makeup before one week of the treatment.
·  Pregnant ladies cannot undergo laser treatment. Inform doctor before treatment.
Do all the pigmentations are curable with laser treatment?
Curing the pigmented lesion using laser depends on the nature and cause of the pigmented lesion. Pigmentations like dark-coloured birth marks may not reduced wholly.  After multiple sessions of treatment some of them may occur again. So, it is highly recommended that one should have undergone proper assessment and advice of a doctor before treatment.
What’s more? The treatment takes no downtime. This means, you can get down to your daily routine immediately after a sitting! So don’t wait. It’s time to glow and fell good about yourself. Call to fix an appointment. You have Newlook’s one of the leading skin care clinic in Delhi by your side to rid you of these and other long standing skin problems such as acne, scars, unwanted hair, birth marks, moles warts and wrinkles.
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