Win the battle against skin problems.

Be seen, be popular, and be confident. You have New Look’s skin treatments by your side to rid you of these skin problems.

Don’t you feel that, at times acne-scars have a knack of popping up at the most weird places, on really special occasions? And even after trying all those expensive creams and lotions, the marks, wrinkles, moles, warts and other such skin flaws just refuse to vanish. This is not just embarrassing but may also seriously hamper your social life.

“It’s not about spending time and money, it’s about getting the treatment which will work in favor of your skin”, says Parichay Upadhyay, the founder of Newlook Laser Clinic, Asia’s largest chain of skin care clinics.

“Here expert dermatologists treat the skin effectively, without any surgery or running up huge bills. As the treatment is scientific you get the desired result quickly and scientifically”, adds Newlook’s expert skin dermatologist Dr. Pankaj.  Noticeable results are typically seen in a few sittings. But that’s not all. The treatment takes no downtime. This means, that for you it will be ‘business as usual’, soon after any treatment session! And to top it all, this doesn’t really cost you a bomb!

So if problems like acne-scars, unwanted hair, wrinkles, birth marks, moles and warts have been troubling you, don’t wait. Just walk into any of your nearest New Look centre and see the result. Getting rid of these scars is now far easier than hiding them.

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